Sustained Saturday – Watercolour

It was our final Sustained Saturday of the Winter term and I was still in a colourful mood. The real subject was the cantaloupe and the baskets were intended as the ‘supporting cast’.

The watercolour (12 x 16″) below is from an exhibition in 1997. It sold at the show but I borrowed it recently to upgrade my slide image to digital. I hung it on the wall for the day.

The demonstration below took about 50 minutes. I keep them shorter for the three hour classes but, for a full day class, I often take longer and hope it’s worth it for the students.

Perhaps, I was just having too much fun. I used the demo to discuss particular elements of the still-life and to illustrate process. As usual, I developed the big shapes and lighter values first. Darks and details tend to come later. I tried to keep a good pace and create a similar spirit to last Tuesday’s image. Compositionally, I got the cantaloupes dead-centre which is something I didn’t recommend to the group.

Student Critique

I suggested that the students spend some time on studies of the cantaloupe and baskets before starting a sustained work. The baskets created a bit of exasperation but everyone responded to the colour very nicely. Sustained Saturdays will be back in April and I’ll be posting my Spring calendar soon.


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2 Responses to “Sustained Saturday – Watercolour”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    Gorgeous color. I love your paintings. They are so full of life and vibrancy. I wondered about putting the canteloupe in the center of the painting but it seems to work. Is it because the baskets above are close to the same color? With the cloth you have a strong horizontal that balances the central vertical tower. So much for comments from “the peanut gallery”! Anyway thank you for sharing. The critique session must have been interesting.

  2. Carolyn Grand Says:

    Okay now that you’re in the practice of writing about your classes, get that book out of your head….Mac has a resource of course, but here’s another place and another artist’s version:
    Always something else to do!

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