Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Five

Our mini-workshop of four classes devoted to a value/glazing approach has come to an end. I chose the baked goods because brown is a fairly easy colour to darken and I thought it would be a good transition subject.I presented a more direct approach to painting a watercolour; one that is commonly used by many contemporary artists.

My first step is the preparatory pencil drawing and I’ve darkened the lines for you to see them better. Under the dark lines are the light planning lines which are broad, straight strokes.

Step two is a graded watercolour wash over each of the shapes. For example, I see the muffin cake as a different shape than the wrapping of the muffin and paint them separately. Darker values and colours are touched into the light washes while they are wet in order to create the soft edges. My dark washes are prepared ahead of time so there is no delay which may allow the light washes to dry.

Step three shows the addition of cast shadows and details such as the chocolate chips and the creases in the muffin wrappers.

The final step puts our objects into context. During step two, I kept the light on the donut and chocolate chip muffin very thin and transparent. These areas really gain luminosity when the dark bowl is added. Note the colour change in the cast shadows, particularly under the donut. The colour relates to the surface it rests on; darker red over the red fabric but a darker, cooler neutral over the wooden board.


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