Mexico Workshop – Deadline Approaches

This Friday, January 29, is the last day to sign up for our workshop. Please look at the details at

“Imagine waking up in San Miguel de Allende. Look out your hotel window at the colourful buildings soaking up the sun. Enjoy a full breakfast with your fellow painters before taking in the morning demonstration. After the demo, it’s off to one of many lovely and inspiring locations. Sketch for a while and then start a watercolour. The instructor will be dropping by and will want to see some progress.

Where did the time go? One of your new friends suggests a nearby lunch spot. Every day feels like spring and you unwind on an outdoor patio. Later, it’s back to your spot or perhaps a new one for the afternoon. A few more hours of that unique mix of concentration and relaxation. Another visit from the instructor. What time is critique again?

Pack up a bit early and head back to the hotel courtyard to work on your piece a bit more. A quick dip in the pool and then grab your day’s work and go to the critique. It’s always constructive and insightful and it’s amazing how much you learn from the other drawings and paintings.

Critique was the last group activity of the day but a number of fellow artists have pushed tables together in the courtyard and are kicking back with a glass of wine or a cerveza. Sketches and paintings are being passed around and the critique comments are pondered. Dinner plans are being made. A few small groups wander off to prepare for the evening and you are invited to join some hungry comrades. It’ll be another delicious and reasonably-priced dinner with great company and then a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow will be a lot like today.”


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