Salon Show at Propeller – Follow-up

The Salon Show at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts ended today. My partner, Aleda, and I dropped by the gallery to pick up our work. My piece was hanging where I’d last seen it but Aleda’s drawing was missing! Much to her surprise, but not mine, she had sold it.

I don’t have an image of her piece from the exhibition but here is a similar recent work. She uses pen and white charcoal pencil on toned paper.

The show was reviewed by Patrick Donohue on his website at Patrick is an accomplished artist and an insightful writer. He mentioned several artists in the exhibition.

These are his comments about our work: “Aleda O’Connor’s ink and pencil drawing highlights the neglected beauty of an aspect of the city that confronts us all the time: an industrial-looking stairway. Among the cityscapes, I’ll include Barry Coombs’ intriguing street lamp: a fractured composition that clearly reflects his interest in cubism.”


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One Response to “Salon Show at Propeller – Follow-up”

  1. Gail Irvine Says:

    Well done, the both of you!!!!

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