Toronto Watercolour Society Presentation

I gave a slide presentation to the Toronto Watercolour Society on Wednesday night.  The TWS is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Carolyn Pascoe (photo with me) is the current president. I believe Carolyn has been with TWS from the beginning.

The theme was the development of my ‘Cubist’ watercolours.I have given demonstrations and a workshop to the group over the years but this was my first effort in PowerPoint. Four days ago, I knew nothing about it. I managed to create the file but would it appear on the screen as intended? Thanks to the technical expertise of Nancy and Garry at TWS, everything went smoothly.

I’m very interested in process so I showed many of the preliminary sketches for my paintings. This sketch is fairly typical. I start with pencil and strengthen areas with pen. I write little notes to myself. The watercolour is not always completely true to the study. I’ve made a few small changes in this piece.

I spoke for an hour and showed 127 images. It was nice to see many familiar faces in the audience and I’m grateful for the positive response to my work.

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One Response to “Toronto Watercolour Society Presentation”

  1. Joan Says:

    I’m really enjoying this blog. It’s like going to more than one class a week. It’s fun to look at other works without having to worry about getting your own done. I especially love seeing Barry’s work behind the scenes. Now, why did you move the keyhole…something to ponder. Thanks Barry.

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