Tuesday Watercolour Class – Week Two

I was hoping to post this yesterday morning but my preparations for a Toronto Watercolour Society PowerPoint presentation ate up the whole day. More on the TWS experience tomorrow.

The classes did very well with the value/glazing exercise last week. I presented it again but with a few variations. Once again, I stressed wire-frame drawing. As you can see above, the still-life could be considered more of a drawing challenge than that of last week.

This is my demo. I selected only a few objects. Last week, I used one value of pthalo blue but here I’ve used a few values of a neutral grey. Soft-edge techniques such as touching paint into water or a wet area were employed. I showed how to ‘feather’ the edge of a painted area to soften it. We discussed the brush-handling involved and the practice needed to master it.

I asked the students to try a tightly cropped composition. Sometimes, it helps us focus on painting shapes rather than rendering objects.

This is a work in progress by Barb Stanley of the Tuesday morning class. Barb’s drawing is very convincing. The dramatic perspective tells us that she was standing while creating her piece. The values are strongly handled. She has zoomed in on one area of the still-life and cropped it effectively.

Barb ran into a bit of trouble with her yellow glaze. Yellow can be very light but may be too strong at times for an area of bright, direct light. Compare the lights in the background objects, which are more yellow, to the lights of the foreground objects which are closer to paper white. The foreground lights are more luminous. Barb realized the problem while the washes were still wet and lifted most of the yellow in the foreground.

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