Cubist Watercolour Workshop-more student work

Katherine Frech is in the spotlight again this week. She submitted her work from the WGA Cubist workshop last November. This is her study in sepia (approx. 11 x 15″). The strong and simple black and white pattern has real authority.

Students often complain to me that something ended up in the middle of their painting. Paintings aren’t donuts; something has to be in the middle. However, I think Katherine could have placed the martini in a less central position. As far as the subject matter goes, her sense of humour is as dry as that martini.

Here is her sustained image (approx. 15 x 22″). The contrast between the trompe l’oeil olive and the flat planes is very cubist. The acidic yellows and greens against the low-intensity violets are as tart as the taste of the olive after a few sips. The collage and stencil elements are effective.

Although, the strong pattern of the study is not as clear in the final image this is a rich and intriguing painting. Fun and somewhat foreboding, at the same time.

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